Rolling out a new website for your bank or credit union is a huge and exciting undertaking. Once the site goes live and customers begin to respond, the hard work that goes into the project will be worth it.

To avoid frustration during and after a bank website design or redesign, approach the project with realistic goals and keep lofty expectations to a minimum.


You get what you pay for.

Website design and web development take skill and creativity. They also take money. Content management system templates can simplify the bank web design process. But don’t cut corners by creating the site yourself or by giving the job to an inexperienced employee.

Website designers and developers understand design principles and can troubleshoot technical glitches that might occur. They also have the proper software to complete tasks like optimizing images and videos. Your bank website is an investment. Pay for quality service upfront to avoid fixing expensive mistakes later.


Less is more.

Compelling content is the heart of bank website design. The key is to keep content relevant and simple. Every word, image, and file on a page should benefit the customer.

Don’t include animation, videos, and functionality for the sole purpose of using them. Although these elements might add interest, they could distract the customer’s attention away from completing a conversion.


Results take time.

Once your bank website goes live, don’t be surprised or disheartened if you don’t notice an immediate spike in visits or customer activity. Search engines will need to crawl, index, and rank a new or redesigned site before it shows up in search results.

In the meantime, implementing targeted keywords and meta tags will help improve your rankings. You can also use your other digital channels to drive organic traffic to your bank website. Until customers can find your site through search results, link to your website from online ads, your blog, and social media.


The job is never done.

Your job isn’t done just when the bank website design project is complete. The hard part may be over, but you’ll need to maintain your site regularly.

Technology is constantly changing, so you’ll need to incorporate new functionality and install updates when available. To keep information current, you’ll need to update content as necessary. You should also review your SEO strategy quarterly to maintain or improve search rankings. Eventually, your bank website will be due for another redesign after a few years.


Final Words

To achieve a high return on your bank website design investment, you’ll want to enlist the assistance of skilled professionals with experience working with financial clients. BankSITE® Services has designed, developed, and hosted bank and credit union websites for more than 20 years. Schedule a consultation with us to discover how we can turn your high expectations of a premier bank website into a reality.

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