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3 Essential Features of Bank and Credit Union Websites

According to the FDIC, 93% of Americans have a bank account. To keep your customers satisfied, your bank or credit union website should be modern and user-friendly. In this week’s blog, we’re going to tell you about the three essential features your bank or credit union must have to meet customer demands and needs.

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10 Golden Rules to Writing Content for Your Bank’s Website: Part Two

Last week, we looked at five golden rules for writing exceptional content on your bank website. Strong headlines, an inverted pyramid structure, brevity, and everyday language will distinguish your website apart from other financial institutions. This week, we’ll look at five more rules for improving your web content to enhance the customer’s experience and journey on your bank website.

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10 Golden Rules to Writing Content for Your Bank’s Website: Part One

A quick review of bank and credit union websites will show that most of them follow a similar structure and organization. Providing exceptional content on your bank website will differentiate you from the competition. This week, we’re going to look at the first five of 10 golden rules to writing content that will set you apart from the competition.

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Bank Website Design: Expectations vs Reality

Rolling out a new website for your bank or credit union is a huge and exciting undertaking. Once the site goes live and customers begin to respond, the hard work that goes into the project will be worth it. To avoid frustration during and after a bank website design or redesign, approach the project with realistic goals and keep lofty expectations to a minimum.

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4 Reasons Why Your Bank Website Needs an Upgrade

Technology constantly changes to improve user experience. Shouldn’t your bank website do the same? Think about it. People replace their computers after four years, according to Computer Hope. discovered that more than 60% of people buy a new smartphone every two to three years. There’s no hard-and-fast rule for how often you should upgrade your bank website. However, consider the four reasons below to determine if the time has come to create an optimal customer experience.

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10 Must-read Resources for Anyone in Bank Marketing

Even if you’ve already planned your advertising and marketing strategy for the year, best practice is to review your objectives quarterly to determine if you need to adjust your tactics. External influences, like the pandemic, can quickly alter the direction of our marketing plans. Staying abreast of current marketing trends will give you an advantage over the competition. Below are 10 resources every bank and credit union marketing department should read and review to develop and maintain a solid marketing strategy.

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