We give you the tools to build lasting relationships with your customers — young and old.

When money is concerned, people don’t trust just anyone. They look for a bank or credit union that cares about them, not just their money. Empower your customers to take their finances into their own hands. Once our team sets up your website, you can enrich your content with one or more of our proprietary website tools and features.

Financial Calculators

People like to shop around and do research before making long-lasting financial decisions. Give them a head start by linking to our financial calculators. You also have the option to purchase a license to place the calculators directly on your site. From balancing their checkbook to estimating their taxes, your customers can figure out which of your products and services will help them achieve their goals.

One-Minute Interactive Self-Tests

One of the primary purposes of your website is to convert a site visit into a sale. Our one-minute self-tests are a stepping stone in this process. With our Score Yourself System, customers will receive immediate results and feedback that will direct them to your appropriate product or service application. The confidence they receive from their score will motivate them to take the next step.

Secure Online Applications

Even when your bank isn’t open, you can continue to do business with your customers 24/7. Our secure online forms allow customers to begin the application process on their terms without fear of having their private and identifying information exposed. From the time they hit submit until you view the application, the data will remain encrypted. The process is quick, simple, and convenient.

Debt Consolidation

Having multiple outstanding loans can create a vicious cycle that can prevent your customers from achieving financial freedom. Educate customers on how to lower their debt with our BankSITE® Debt Consolidation module. With this white-label tool, your customers can calculate how much time and money they can save by consolidating multiple loans, check their credit report, and apply for a loan — all in one place.

Dollars and Sense for Kids

You’re never too young to start the journey to financial freedom. On the BankSITE® Dollar and Sense module, Dollar the Dragon teaches kids everything they need to know about money. This white-label interactive site includes an easy-to-use savings calculator, explains banking and financial terminology, provides links to games and educational sites, and even gives kids ideas for making money. Your youngest customers will love this kid-friendly site.

Money Matters for Students

Being a teenager and leaving for college means becoming more independent. This new freedom is a critical time for teens and young adults to learn financial responsibility. The BankSITE® Money Matters for Students module will give peace of mind to your young customers and their parents. The white-label site offers advice for managing and saving funds, planning for college, and finding a job. The money management skills they learn from you today will make them your loyal customers tomorrow.