Our secure applications are the best in the business: No printing. No downloading. No worries.

You know how much business you have based on the volume of applications you receive each week. However, if you don’t use our Secure Online Applications, you’ll never know how many additional applications you might not have received or the volume of new business you lost to the bank across the street. Imagine how many families in your community make business decisions over kitchen table conversations every evening. Imagine how many decisions are made after the kids have gone to bed and parents get down to business. Your bank’s website may be the first place decision-makers go to find out more about how to start the application process. Don’t send them to your competitors. Make online applications available to them! BankSITE® Secure Applications allow your customers to connect with your bank right on the spot and start the process with you in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. A customer’s online application search may or may not start with you, but with our Secure Online Application System, we guarantee that your bank is where their search will end.

When you use them, customers will apply.

Our copyrighted Score Yourself System motivates more prospects to fill out your applications on the spot because of the comfort and confidence our self-tests give your customers. That’s what makes our Secure Online Applications different. We drive customers directly to your application forms, literally. After any Score Yourself Test, customers are instantly directed to relevant applications while they still feel pleased about their test results.

More applications mean more happy customers and more business.

BankSITE® Services accepts nothing less than providing our clients with the simplest, most effective and efficient methods of obtaining Secure Online Applications from their customers. From the second a customer submits an online form until the time you log into our BankSITE® Secure Server to retrieve the application, all customer data remains encrypted full circle. The data is so secure, we don’t even have the ability to view your customer applications. Our Secure Online Applications bring security, simplicity, and convenience to your customers. It’s just another quick and easy tool BankSITE® provides to make sure you can optimize your results and stay ahead of the curve.