In One-Minute, Dreams May Be Realized, Fears Removed, and Action Initiated. Take The One-Minute TestIt only takes a minute for customers to view of their financial picture. And in just one minute, banks have the potential to redefine easily they can motivate their customers.

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Fear of rejection remains the #1 reason why consumers are wary of taking that first important step of applying for a loan. Prospects hesitate to invest because they worry they’re making the wrong choice. The anxiety that fuels this stigma is responsible for a vast and unknown volume of loans that would of, could of, and should have been applied for; deposit and investment customers lost, before you even had the chance to reach out to them. We understand this fear and have helped thousands of leading financial institutions across the country overcome this issue for decades with our copyrighted Score Yourself System.

Our Self-Tests act as a stepping-stone for customers who fear taking that first step in the application process. They empower customers. They educate. They motivate. And they meet compliance guidelines. Prospects are attracted to our interactive online Self-Tests in the privacy of their own homes or on-the-go, and their results help determine whether they are good candidates for your products. Customers literally “score themselves” and receive immediate positive feedback on thier “test” results, a summary of what their score means, and how they personally can benefit from your bank’s products and services.

This feedback acts as an invaluable motivational tool to help bring you more business. Almost everyone is encouraged to respond in varying capacities regardless of their score. And your bank can set it’s own parameters. The results have been unanimously and undeniably successful. The benefits to our clients have been astounding. It’s obvious that our Score Yourself System will motivate more prospects to fill out your application while they are still excited about their test results, thus increasing your business significantly. This is a guarantee.

But the far-reaching effects of Score Yourself might surprise you. After taking a Self Test, your customers have something to feel good about. They’ll feel a renewed sense of comfort and confidence about their decisions. They’ll feel that your bank cares about them as an individual. They’ll feel good about doing business with you. Take a look at our wide-ranging variety of Self-Tests for yourself.

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