The SEO services that we provide to community banks and credit unions are organized over 3 main pillars: General SEO to make sure your website is compliant with SEO standards; Local SEO to make sure that you appear in the local search results; and, Search appearance to make sure that when your bank or credit union appears in the search results, it’s in a way that would bring more visits.

Why Is SEO for Banks Or Credit Unions so important?

  • Brand credibility. People trust Google. When you appear in Google’s top search results, it gives you credibility.
  • Better ROI than ads. A visit to your bank or credit union website coming from Google is more valuable than a visit coming from an Ad. It shows intent. The organic visit you receive is more likely to convert into a lead.
  • Competitors are doing it. No matter if it is SEO for banks, credit unions or any other business, it is something that everyone does because the benefits are extremely high. If your competitors are doing it, then it’s more likely they will rank higher than you, even if you offer better products and services. So if you want to stay competitive, you need to start doing SEO for your bank or credit union as soon as possible.
  • Definite increase in traffic. Maximize your business efforts. SEO will give you results (not immediately, but rather quickly), and as soon as you start SEO efforts for your bank or credit union, traffic will increase at a steady rate.
  • Access to data. The reports in Analytics and Search Console will give you great insights of the actual search terms people use to reach your bank or credit union website. This information will help you analyze your customers’ behavior and ultimately improve your products and services.

Why Is Local SEO for Bank Or Credit Union so important?

  • Your customers are turning to the Internet to find local businesses like your bank or credit union – on desktop and mobile.

  • In local searches, Google gives an advantage to local businesses, and puts them above the organic results which are almost always owned by the big players.

You should also know:

  • Half of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone, visit a store within a day.
  • Almost 20% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day.
  • More than half of American adults use smartphones and tablets to search for local product and service information.

Why is search appearance important for your bank or credit union?

Good search appearance (i.e. structured data) will improve the ranking of your website, the appearance of your bank or credit union in search results, and positively influence the number of people who click on your website in search results.

What should your bank or credit union expect from SEO?

  • More relevant and targeted website traffic.
  • More leads/potential customers.
  • More foot traffic.
  • More sales.

How we do search engine optimization for banks and credit unions?

There is no one solution that works for everyone. We customize the SEO process to meet to your needs.

  • Learn. We start by analyzing your business and goals, your past campaigns and competitors’ behavior.
  • SEO Audit. We analyze your website performance on search engines.
  • Keyword Research. We identify popular words and phrases that people use to find your services.
  • On-page SEO. Based on all previous information, we start the process of content and code optimization.
  • Local SEO. Add and/or improve your bank or credit union listings on all the major search engines and directories.
  • Monitoring and Reporting. We continuously monitor and tweak to get best possible SEO results.