The “first key” for Students to achieve financial success is financial education.

At BankSITE®, we understand the financial challenges facing students. The rising cost of tuition. The broad range of financing options. And, the mountain of debt students are left to contend with. As such, today’s college student must learn to become more of an expert on when to spend and how to save, and how to use and not abuse available credit. Most students however, arrive onto their college campus without even the most basic knowledge of how to manage their personal finances. Money Matters For Students Module That’s why we created our BankSITE® “Money Matters For Students” website module. It’s a fully interactive 50 page website completely devoted to educating high school and college age students about money matters. It’s packed with solutions for making, keeping, spending and growing their money.

“Money Matters For Students” is a forum where students will find the facts when it come to just about anything that has to do with their finances. From managing money more wisely, investing and making sound financial decisions to thinking about college, getting a job— and even writing a resume! BankSITE® is committed to helping you educate the new generation of students in your community about managing their money. The results will improve their lives—now and in the future. With “Money Matters For Students,” your community bank plays a crucial role in the shaping the financial well-being of young students. This service to your community is invaluable. Parents will thank you. The students in your community may thank you too, someday. Starting responsible money management from the get go. Seems like a simple solution for our kids and for your community.

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