If you’re a community bank or credit union planning a website redesign for 2021, you’ll want to design it with your customers in mind to compete with larger financial institutions. Keep reading to learn more about some trending bank website features that you won’t want to overlook.


Product Recommendations

A customer-centric bank website should meet the customer’s needs and guide them toward conversion. If the customer doesn’t already know what specific product or service they want, adding a product recommendation feature on your website can help.

For example, a brief self-test or a question-and-answer recommender tool can gather information about the customer’s visit. Based on the answers, the results would recommend a suitable product or service along and link to the appropriate page or application. You can also customize content and offers by utilizing machine learning algorithms and analyzing customers’ actions and behavior on your bank website.

Whichever method you use, include some way to collect your customer’s contact information after they receive a recommendation. Then, you can follow-up with them as necessary.


Web Accessible Design and Content

If your bank website doesn’t meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and guidelines, not only are you ignoring the needs of the 61 million American adults with disabilities, but you could become the victim of a costly web accessibility lawsuit. Your bank website should be designed to meet WCAG level AA standards at a minimum so that it’s perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for any customer who visits.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice offer several resources for designing a web-accessible site. However, with constantly changing guidelines, maintaining accessibility can become a huge task. Tools like AudioEye, which BankSITE® Services can install on your website, continuously scans your site for non-compliant ADA issues and alerts you so that you can remedy them.


Global Website Features

Updating your bank website can become overwhelming if important or frequently searched information resides in multiple locations. Implementing global website features will save you time and frustration by letting you make changes in one place that will populate throughout the site.

For instance, you can update interest rates in real-time by pulling a query that’s coded into your backend. Also, instead of defining oft-mentioned financial terms on every page, you can create a separate page that customers can access via a hyperlink. Global features like these keep your bank website content succinct and simple.


Location Finder

Installing a location finder on your bank website ensures your branch and contact information is current. This tool can be used to manage the information on your main website as well as everywhere it appears online, such as your social media accounts and search engines.

Tools like Google My Business allow your customers to find and communicate with you. BankSITE® Services developers can install the tool on your backend so that you can update your location information in one place.


Final Words

Make enhancing your customer experience strategy on your bank website one of your New Year’s resolutions. Whether BankSITE® Services is your current web host or you’re looking for a new provider, we’d like to talk to you to discuss how we can help you meet your goals for 2021.

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