Last week, we discussed how to tailor your bank website’s visual and written content to produce a customer experience different from what they would have on your competitions’ sites. In this second of our three-part series, we’re going to introduce a few of the must-have online tools that make that possible.

In a survey conducted by Provident Bank, 80% of consumers stated they preferred visiting a financial institution’s website and other digital channels over going to a brick-and-mortar location. With more customers going online for information and to interact with their financial institution, your bank website needs to offer the same level of service as your employees can face to face. Online tools, such as chatbots, financial calculators, online forms and applications, and location finders, can help you achieve this.


Real-time Chatbots

Chatbots and other artificial intelligence (AI) communication tools allow your customer to ask questions and receive answers faster than they could if they contacted you by more traditional means, such as by phone or email. You can view these tools act as an extension of customer service that can build relationships through engagement. The machine learning technology behind these tools can also guide your customer’s journey, increasing the chance of a conversion.


Financial Calculators

Financial calculators empower your customers to make prudent decisions with their money. Younger customers, especially, may not have a lot of experience with saving money or paying back a loan. Financial calculators can remove the guesswork and even help your customer decide which product or service can best fit their needs, giving them the confidence to move forward.


Online Forms and Applications

When used alongside financial calculators, online forms and applications can move your customer closer to conversion. After your customer uses the calculator, your bank website can recommend a specific product or service determined by the entered data and then link to the appropriate form or application. Your customer can immediately and securely apply for an account 24/7 leaving their home.


Location Finders

Not all banking transactions can occur online, and your customer will need to visit in person. Most likely, your bank website already has a page that lists all the locations of your physical branches and ATMs. However, unless you’ve installed location finder and management tools, you’ll need to update information manually. This can become tedious if the information exists in multiple locations. You manage your location information in one place as well as make finding the nearest location convenient for your customers by installing a location finder tool like GoogleMaps Platform.


Final Words

BankSITE® Services offers a wide variety of online calculators, secure applications, and other web tools and features that you can add to your bank website to enhance customer experience. Our web developers can also assist you with installing your GoogleMaps API key so your location page is always up to date.

Look for our blog next week when we’ll conclude our series with ways you can make a visit to your bank website unique.

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