In an earlier blog, we discussed three signs that your bank website is due for a redesign. This week, we delve further into the topic and talk about three factors that can signal your current design is becoming obsolete.

While you should revise your bank website as often as needed, when should you consider a complete overhaul? If you ask someone in the web or digital industries, the common answer is every two to five years. The timing depends on how often the financial and banking industry must adapt. If you examine how the economy, culture, and technology has changed over the years, you’ll understand how quickly your website can become outdated.

Several factors can affect the lifespan of your website. However, you can begin by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. Do I have a difficult time updating my bank website?
  2. Does my site look great on all devices?
  3. Have my rankings and search traffic declined?


Do I have a difficult time updating my bank website?

Working with websites can be intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with HTML, JavaScript, or any of the other web programming languages that have developed over the years. If your web designer hard coded your website, then you’re definitely due for a redesign.

Even if your designer used a content management system (CMS) to set up your website, CMSs have improved greatly over the past few years. Today’s CMSs work very similarly to word processing applications. If you avoid working on your website or have to hire someone to make changes for you because of the difficulty, you’re ready for a new website.


Does my site look great on all devices?

We’ve explained before about why your bank website needs to be responsive. You may already have a mobile-responsive site. Nevertheless, tech companies are always developing upgraded versions of their devices or new technology every year to outdo each other.

Consider how often your customers might buy a new phone. With the speed and frequency that technology evolves, your bank website needs to keep up with the trends.


Have my search rankings or conversion rates declined?

Your website exists to keep current customers satisfied and attract new customers. If you’re seeing less traffic on your site or your sales stagnate, your web content is likely the culprit.

If you haven’t overhauled your website lately, compare the content to your business plan. suggests revisiting your business plan annually, so reviewing your website regularly is only logical. When your web content doesn’t align with your current business goals or customers’ needs, your website is no longer viable.


Final Words

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, your current website has seen better days. Even if you only answered one question affirmatively, you should seriously consider breathing new life into your bank website.

BankSITE® Services can help you redesign your website to be modern and responsive. We’re also able to complete the job as quickly as 30 days, unlike other digital marketing companies that might take up to three months or more to complete the project. Learn more about how we can revive your website with our design and hosting services,

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