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You may let out a proverbial groan or sigh at the sight of these four little words. You may think they have little to offer you. To that, we simply say: What are you thinking! BankSITE® will get you integrated and keep you connected with over 225 social media websites. Unleash the power of Social Media Marketing and discover what it can mean for your bank.

Think ahead of the curve.

We don’t blame you for any uncertainty you may harbor when it comes to taking a dip into the world of social media. But we know the bank you want be for your customers and that’s why we encourage you to re-draw your lines of customer service and take your business to the next level. Start a conversation with your customers on their turf. If you’re serious about reaching out to your customers and new prospects, you’ll need to take your bank to them.

Understanding your customers is the key to building loyal relationships.

Your customers use social media to connect with the world. You can use social media to connect with your customers. You’ll better understand what makes them tick. You’ll open a  direct line of communication with them. You’ll create brand new opportunities that break the mold of traditional sales channels. By entrusting marketing messages to your customers you’ll begin an authentic, honest dialogue that your community will trust in and respect.

Demonstrate to your customers that you “get it.”

Social media is live and instantaneous. It’s real and it’s personal. It’s straightforward marketing—the personification of “community-centered.” A bank that uses social media says to its customers, “We are committed to dealing with you on your terms because we care about you and value your business.” It is a bold sign that shows your bank is interested in improving your customer’s experience. And that is what your customers want— they want you to level with them. They want you to “get it.”

Get out your special promotions. Spread the word.

We admit, as phenomenal as your website will be when you develop it with BankSITE®, it is unlikely that all of your customers will check it daily. They will however, check their Twitter and Facebook accounts everyday. In many cases, several times a day. If you want to communicate what’s happening at your bank, there is no better way then with a simple “Tweet” on Twitter or “Wall Post” on Facebook.

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