Take your bank or credit union website to the next level with our high powered interactive “talk-back” tools.

BankSITE® Blogs connect you directly to your customers.

How often can an ordinary customer communicate directly with a bank President? How often does a bank President communicate directly with an ordinary customer? Your new BankSITE® Blogs will bring back the spirit of community banking in a setting where you may have least expected you’d be able to reclaim it—the Internet. The possibilities are limitless and very exciting. Your loan officer could write a weekly blog post on the importance of good credit. Your investment officer could start a monthly blog about consumer opportunities. Your bank or credit union President could write a blog that addresses the community. You may even invite prominent people in your community to write a guest blog post. Customers can respond. They’ll “talk-back” to you. New dialogue will spark interest and involvement and improve education. You approve all content and all customer posts on every Blog. Enhance your communication with BankSITE® Blogs. Your customers will appreciate how you care.

BankSITE® Polls give you instant feedback.

Want to know what your customers think?  Post a poll. Your customers will get involved. You’ll get informed. It only takes a second to post your poll question. You’ll be glad you asked.

BankSITE® Surveys help you improve your services.

Want advice on how to better serve your community? Post a BankSITE® Survey. All surveys are 100% confidential. Give your customers a voice. You’re the only one who’ll ever hear it.

BankSITE® Event Calendars make your website a gathering place.

Community banks were historically built in the center of town. Now, no matter where your bank is located, your Neighborhood Event Calendar can make your website the central hub for your community. Individuals and Organizations can submit the day, time and type of event they’d like to add to your Calendar.  If you click approve, it’s instantly added. Image that— your community bank taking an active interest in your own community. Your customers have a lot to say. Be the bank that offers to listen.

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